Denise Lopez

Hello, my name is Denise Lopez. I have been paddling since February 2013. I began my journey with team Deaf Dawn. I joined Blindstart in late 2015. I began as a paddler, and later became a steers person. I joined Blindstart when one day both teams were short paddlers to fill two boats during one of our practices.  We decided to practice together on that fateful day. In the following season, not enough paddlers returned for Deaf Dawn. Blindstart extended an invitation to merge with them. We have been together ever since. As a professional Sign Language interpreter, it was only natural for me to help facilitate communication between the VIP (blind) and Deaf paddlers. We have all learned to get along despite our differences. It has been an awesome experience just watching my team-mates grow and work together as a team. They have gained valuable knowledge and skills in communication and learning about how accommodate each other’s needs. We are a one big family! 

Love, light, peace,